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Kim G. Birdhorse

Banner artwork by Samael. Homepage artwork by Samael.

Kim G. Birdhorse is a pegasus mare who, through unusual genetic circumstances and having deviated from her species’ typical vegetarianism, has obtained a seemingly bottomless appetite and attraction to food. Combined with her sedentry and hedonistic lifestyle she rapidly gained weight in early adulthood, quickly becoming functionally immobile.

Despite this, Kim is bubbly and optimistic about her life and circumstances, focusing on body positivity in spite of her twin brother frequently chastising her weight and appetite.

Due to her size and limited mobility, she rarely leaves her bedroom and primarily indulges herself in passive activities like music, movies and television shows.


Born eight minutes after her twin brother Grey, the pair had a similar early life. Despite being raised in a relatively poor neighbourhood, they were both happy and hyperactive children.

Kim remained a vegetarian (like the rest of her family) until her mid-teens when—having been granted an allowance and some level of independence—she tried fast food for the first time, becoming addicted to experience of new, alternative flavours; inspiring her interest in gastronomy and starting a slow weight gain. This deviation from a herbivorous diet was frowned upon by her family, causing her to sneak food where possible.

She and Grey moved to their current shared apartment at age 19. Unemployed and free from their parent’s insistance on vegetarian food at home she resorted to eating junk food much more regularly, accelerating an immense growth that left her completely immobilised by age 23. She is now cared for by Grey, who resents having to look after her, but doesn’t wish to impose her back upon their parents.


Kim is a bubbly, fun-loving and bouncy pegasus pony. She likes to consider herself an optimist, always trying to find the fun in every situation and the silver lining to every dark cloud.

In truth she is deeply emotive, willing to make her feelings known—physically and vocally—if anyone has ever supported or slighted her. As a result she can seem emotionally unpredictable and prone to mood swings, which she worries may be frustrating for others. She’s often pleased when she encounters someone who can tolerate her for long periods of time.

Kim is an unabashed hedonist whose primary motivation is the pleasure of herself and her friends above all others. As a result she has a tendency to shun responsibility and often does not consider the long-term consequences of her actions. She is, however, loyal to those close to her, and will often compromise for their benefit.

Unlike many ponies Kim is an omnivore. This is a result of her interest in cookery and eclectic tastes in food. She has taken a particular, somewhat taboo, addiction to beef and beef burgers, in addition to many types of sweets and desserts. Trying to sate these addictions is a major contributor to her significant weight.

Kim lives with her twin brother Grey, whom she loves dearly.


Kim is a medium-grey pegasus pony with magenta eyes and a long, black mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a beige coloured scroll with a magenta ribbon (coming away in one direction) tied around it. She puts some effort into maintaining her appearance, her mane appearing neatly trimmed and brushed at all times.

Kim is extremely overweight compared to the average pegasus, an attribute resulting from her hedonistic lifestyle and medical condition. Her stomach is multiple times larger than the rest of her body, making it practically impossible for her to move under her own ability as her hooves are unable to reach the ground and her wings unable to lift her. Almost her entire body is visibly swollen, sporting thick, rounded cheeks, multiple large chins and leg rolls that completely smother the ends of her hooves. Her wings, although similarly fattened down, are still somewhat dexterous, but are useless for most situations.

Her rampant weight gain accelerated to unprecedented speeds in early adulthood, to the degree that she began gaining several tonnes per month, with little sign of slowing.


Weight gain

Kim doesn't actively desire to gain weight, she's just hungry all the time.



Kim can't exactly clean herself very well. So long as her mane stays pretty, she's happy.



Sometimes you just lose track of what's going in...