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Grey K. Birdhorse

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Grey K. Birdhorse is a pegasus stallion who works as a civil servant and, informally, as the carer to his twin sister Kim.

Grey is generally grumpy and discontent with his lot in life, frequently resenting the people he’s exposed to at work and the sister he’s forced to look after at home. After days of serving others, he prefers to be left to his own devices to read, listen to music, and be with his thoughts.


Born eight minutes before her twin sister Kim, the pair had a similar early life. Despite being raised in a relatively poor neighbourhood, they were both happy and hyperactive children. He was raised by his parents as a vegetarian, as is traditional amongst their race.

Unable to afford further education, Grey found employment in the civil service at age 17. He and Kim moved to their current shared apartment at age 19. Grey informally became Kim’s carer as she proceeded to rapidly gain weight, eventually becoming functionally immobile; doing so out of a sense of familial duty and not wishing to impose her upon their parents.


Grey is strict, commanding, and disciplined, with a tendency to hide his feelings from all but a select few people, lest they interpret it as weakness. These feelings tend to build up and come out in short bursts of intense anger, passion, or other emotion.

He has a tendency to keep strictly to lists and schedules, and likes to push around others for not doing the same, although ultimately he is not very organised himself. He harbours some resentment towards his twin sister as she lives an irresponsible, carefree life while he feels burdened with keeping both of them in good health and decent living conditions. This resentment occasionally overflows into arguments, although his dedication to family stops him from abandoning her.

He doesn’t particularly enjoy his job, nor the people it puts him in daily contact with, but it’s what his cutie mark—a rolled piece of parchment with a yellow ribbon—is telling him.

He enjoys a laugh, but usually only at someone else’s expense.


Shorter than his sister Kim despite being eight minutes older, Grey is svelte without being thin and strong without being muscular. He has orange-yellow eyes, and his cutie mark is a beige scroll with an orange-yellow ribbon (coming away in two directions) wrapped around it. He shares the same grey coat and black mane as his sister, but puts less effort into keeping it presentable. He flies almost constantly, preferring the efficiency and speed of flight to using his feet.

Grey normally wears a pair of orange flight goggles, sometimes with a black collar.


Weight gain

No thanks, I've had quite enough of that with Kim.