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Kim G. Birdhorse

Banner artwork by Glaz. Homepage artwork by Glaz.

Kim G. Birdhorse is a bubbly and optimistic pegasus mare. She is heavily overweight compared to the average pony, to the point that the bottom of her stomach frequently contacts the ground. Despite this, she is still able to move and walk (albeit with a waddle) independently.


Born eight minutes after her twin brother Grey, the pair had a similar early life. Living in Cloudsdale with their parents, they were both happy and hyperactive children, but didn’t take any particular interest in Cloudsdale’s competitive sports scene.

Kim chose to move away from Cloudsdale in adulthood, instead settling in the small town of Ponyville.

Finding herself needing to fly much less often, Kim’s naturally high pegasus metabolism slowed down significantly. This, combined with her interests in cookery and the vibrant local food culture, led to her steadily gaining weight up to the current day.


Kim is a bubbly, fun-loving and bouncy pegasus pony. She likes to consider herself an optimist, always trying to find the fun in every situation and the silver lining to every dark cloud.

In truth she is deeply emotive, willing to make her feelings known—physically and vocally—if anyone has ever supported or slighted her. As a result she can seem emotionally unpredictable and prone to mood swings, which she worries may be frustrating for others. She’s often pleased when she encounters someone who can tolerate her for long periods of time.

Kim has a strong interest in the culinary arts and food culture. She enjoys learning and attempting new recipes, trying new foods and visiting new restaurants. She has a bit of a hedonistic streak, and can be undisciplined when it comes to overeating or glutting herself on something she finds delicious.


Kim is a medium-grey pegasus pony with magenta eyes and a long, black mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a beige coloured scroll with a magenta ribbon (coming away in one direction) tied around it. She puts some effort into maintaining her appearance, her mane appearing neatly trimmed and brushed at all times.

Kim is extremely overweight compared to the average pegasus, an attribute resulting from her interest in food and slow metabolism. Her stomach droops heavily between her legs, almost touching the ground, and pushes her legs outwards, giving her an awkward, waddling gait. She has chubby cheeks and a clear double chin.

Although her wings are mostly untouched by her weight, they are rarely used.


Weight gain

Kim doesn't actively desire to gain weight, but all the treats at Sugarcube Corner are so delicious looking...



Cartoon antics are gonna cartoon antics, sometimes.



I mean, if you're offering?