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Phalena is a moth from another planet and captain of the Actias, a freighter starship.

An adventurous lone wolf, Phalena is unafraid of death but will only resort to violence in a pinch; he prefers to outmaneuver and outwit his antagonists, otherwise.


Phalena is a Luna moth (Actias luna) with a fluffy white body and large, bright green wings coming from the back. He has two large antennae that stick upwards from his head. His eyes are completely black and featureless. He is relatively tall and slim.

Most of the time his wings are folded. When folded, his wings have the approximate appearance of a cape with the bottom split into two distinct parts, akin to the long tails on a Luna moth’s hindwings.

The Actias

The Actias is Phalena’s ship. It is a small vessel, usually crewed only by Phalena himself as a cargo freighter.

It is composed of a wide, fairly flat delta wing-shaped primary hull with a narrow, centrally aligned secondary hull along the bottom, extending partially off the back of the primary hull. The primary hull carries cargo, with engineering systems and Phalena’s living quarters in the secondary hull. The bridge is located at the front of the primary hull.