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Banner artwork by Samael. Homepage artwork by Samael.

Oran is a former human who, following the purposeful consumption of a potion acquired from the dark web, was transformed into a Pikachu.

Unfortunately, Oran was unaware that non-destructive changes of state must conserve mass and was shocked when he remained the same weight despite drastically shrinking in height—becoming an incredibly obese Pikachu.


Oran was formerly a human male. He had become discontent with human society and what he perceived as an unfulfilling future existence of working a job for 50+ years, being obliged to start a family, and retiring only when he would be too old to enjoy his remaining years. He frequently fantasised about becoming a Pokémon so that he could be freed of those obligations.

He took to the dark web and got in contact with a person named “Bill” who was well-known for experimenting with human–Pokémon genetics. Oran soon after purchased a potion from “Bill” that promised to physically transform him into a Pikachu, whilst retaining his human-level intelligence.

Oran drank the potion in his bedroom at home, waiting for a time when his other family members were absent. The potion took effect almost immediately. Oran was shocked to find himself growing rapidly fatter as he shrunk in height.

Unable to stop or reverse the transformating process, he soon found himself stuck on the floor, too large and heavy to be able to move.

Despite this unexpected turn, he remained happy with his decision, content that his new weight and species had successfully spared him from an unpleasant future.

Over time he eventually managed to regain some mobility, being able to walk on his rear legs unaided, albeit quite slowly. He is unable to walk on all four legs without beaching himself.


As a human, Oran was a soft but introverted individual. Pessimistic about the state of humanity and his prospects in life, he usually kept to himself and fantasised about escaping his present situation and associations with humanity, usually by becoming a Pokémon.

Following his transformation, Oran has become much more content about his existence. As a Pikachu, he considers himself freed from the social and societal obligations that humans force upon one another. His weight—an initially unexpected addition—provided him another excuse to avoid those obligations despite retaining his human-level intelligence.

Despite Oran’s objections, he was convinced by his family members to contact “Bill” to see if the process could be reversed. “Bill” simply replied that it could not and that all sales were final, much to Oran’s pleasure.

As he regained some mobility and independence he quickly gained more confidence in himself and his body. Despite still being quite physically limited, he has developed a habit of teasing others with his size and weight.

Oran is reasonably proficient with using technology and computers.


Oran physically resembles a male Pikachu, archetypal of the species. The only remnant of his former humanity is his head fur, which is slightly longer and tinted a shade of brown in resemblance to his human hair colour.

However, he is extremely obese as a result of his transformation, to the point that his stomach is in constant contact with the floor and comprises a significant amount of his body weight. Extra chub has also been added to his legs, arms, face and rear. All of his added fat is soft and easily malleable, forming smooth curves rather than cascading into rolls and folds.


As a Pikachu, Oran can absorb, manipulate and release electrical energy at will.

As he retains human-level intelligence, Oran is able to speak human languages, use human technology, and exercise sentience, free will, and higher-order thought.


Weight gain

Oran enjoys his current weight and prefers to maintain it, but doesn't actively attempt to gain more.



It has been determined that Oran's transformation into a Pikachu is irreversible with current technology.