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Olive Ossory

Banner artwork by Zwiebelprinz. Homepage artwork by Zwiebelprinz.

Olive Ossory is a former human who, through means unknown, has been transformed into a living plush costume resembling a squirrel.


Before being transformed, Olive was a human of Irish-American descent. Although being assigned female at birth, Olive identifies as non-binary with a preference for they/them pronouns. Following transformation, they are technically genderless but continue to identify as non-binary.

Olive is in a long-term relationship with their girlfriend, Ash, who was present at the time of Olive’s transformation. Ash moved in with Olive soon afterwards to help them acclimatise to their transformation, and subsequently fell victim to her own transformative experience.


Olive is a generally relaxed and carefree individual. Despite being at the entrance gates to adulthood, and having broken free of parental shackles to work a job and live alone, they don’t particularly care for working or giving up their ‘childish’ things just yet.

This changes as soon as their lifestyle is threatened wherein they are prone to panic and anxiety, having to turn to others—particularly Ash—to stabilise and get through those moments.

Olive was initially confused and distressed by their transformation, though made no significant attempts to reverse it. They were particularly distressed about becoming ‘hollow’ and found it unpleasant to be reminded of this fact.

Eventually, with assistance, they became slowly acclimatised to their new form, including decorating their body with sew-on patches and utilising their internal space—even carrying trusted individuals within it.


Before their transformation, Olive was caucasian with short ginger hair and freckles.

Olive is currently a plush suit resembling a fox squirrel (Sciurus niger). They stand at around seven feet tall and have exaggerated proportions, allowing ample space for a reasonably large human to comfortably fit inside of them.

Olive’s face features embroidered purple eyes that are, though means unknown, animate and able to express a gamut of emotions. They have light brown eyebrows, black nose and permanently reddened cheeks. Two prominent ‘teeth’ poke from the upper jaw in front of their mouth.

As a living costume, Olive is hollow inside of their torso, head and limbs. Their inner space can be accessed via a large zip on the front of their torso, extending from just below their neck to just above their crotch. Their internal space is also visible through and accessible via Olive’s mouth.

Their internal space is notably smaller than their external dimensions, though it’s as soft and malleable as the rest of their body. It is padded by patterned, pink fabric.

Their tail is incredibly large, being roughly equal in size to the entire rest of their body. Unlike their body, their tail is not hollow, instead being heavily stuffed and akin to an extremely large pillow.

Their body is covered in visible seams and stitches. Freshly transformed, their body is fairly uniform in colour. Over time, as they are damaged and worn—or want to try and decorate themselves more—new textiles, patterns and patches are introduced.

Olive’s patches and their locations:

  • Shamrock (right-side of chest)
  • NASA “worm” logo (upper right arm)
  • A silhouette of a bat, representing Ash (upper left arm)
  • Acorn (side of right thigh)
  • Non-binary pride flag (front of right thigh)
  • Asexual pride flag (front of left thigh)
  • Cookie with a bite mark (location unknown)


Despite a lack of skeleton or musculature and their largely empty internal space, Olive is still able to stand and move independently of any wearer.

As a non-organic being, Olive does not need to breathe, eat, drink, or participate in any other biological functions necessary to maintain life. Being made wholly of textiles, Olive’s body can be squashed and manipulated without lasting ill effects.

Conversely, Olive cannot heal and must be manually repaired if damaged.



Olive occassionally appears in other forms, but does not actively engage in transforming.



Olive can harmlessly hold people and objects inside of themself, but does not consider this vore in the traditional sense.