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Novella is a small-time fiction writer who dreams of being in the big leagues. Despite moderate acclaim and financial success, her works have only really been sold online and in small bookshops and she wishes for a bestselling breakthrough to lift her fortunes further.


Novella is empowered and opportunistic. She is more inclined towards business relationships than personal relationships, and willing to make small personal sacrifices if she thinks it will further her career. She is willing to work hard if she thinks it will help her, but is readily dismissive of anything she thinks will not. Acts like a bit of a celebrity diva, despite not really being one.

She is selfish and narcissistic. She is always unhappy with her lot in life (no matter what successes come her way) and always feels that she is deserving of better. She is comfortably middle-class, but still feels like things could not be worse.

She is paranoid and distrustful. She cannot conceive any reason why she isn’t more successful other than there being individuals and external forces holding her back. She prefers this to thinking that maybe she just isn’t skilled enough to actually succeed.


Muted dark red coat. Blonde mane and tail, with darker streaks. The mane style is constantly different, but can always be described as ‘weekday morning TV show presenter’. Her cutie mark is a solid gold quill.


Weight gain

Novella despises being fat, which is why the universe loves poetic justice.