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Banner artwork by Glaz. Homepage artwork by Glaz.

Meredith is a female raven. A perennial bookworm, she holds a degree in English literature and works at the central library of the city where she lives. She finds more pleasure in reading than in most other activities, to the detriment of having any significant friendships or other interests.


Meredith is a shy, insular recent-graduate with an utterly obsessive love for books which she has had since a young age. She owns hundreds of them and has read thousands. She knows no pleasure greater than being able to bury herself in a book and shut out the rest of the world.

She is extremely introverted, spending practically none of her free time on social experiences. Her time at the library is mostly characterised by silently reading or sorting books, or otherwise giving quiet guidance to visitors. She is prone to stuttering and panicking in uncomfortable social situations.

As a result of this she is incredibly well read, capable of naming, quoting, identifying and discussing books from only scraps of information; and has memorised the Dewey Decimal system in its entirety. This level of dedication and perfection is oddly only confined to her job, with her home and personal belongings in a much less organised state.

Outside of library science and literature she does not have any significant skills or hobbies; which serves as both a point of frustration as well as motivation for dedication to her work.

Meredith has a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English Literature.


Meredith is a common raven (Corvus corax), and as such has a dark grey/black colouration across her entire body. Her beak is smaller than is typical of a raven. She wears a pair of circular glasses that are perched precariously upon her beak. She is typically seen wearing a pink or purple zip-up hoodie and a medium length black skirt when relaxing. At work she wears a longer black skirt with a white blouse and argyle-patterned sweater vest.

She is somewhat chubby, as her lifestyle and work is fairly sedentry and she doesn’t put much effort into self-care.


Weight gain

Meredith does not want to gain weight, but weight somehow seems to keep finding her.