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Fuller Figures

Fuller Figures works as a personal trainer for ponies trying to gain weight; a job she is very good at—having created numerous record breakingly large ponies in the past—and takes very seriously.

Fuller was previously gentle and affectionate, but is more recently known for working methodically and keeping a distant, professional relationship with her clients. It is rumoured that this sudden change in personality was caused by the death of a former client.

A (self-trained) dietician, and uses this knowledge to maximise the effectiveness of her work and maintain the health of her clients.


Slim, grey coloured pegasus pony with a black mane which is tied up into a bun. She has magenta eyes and wears a pair of cat-eye framed glasses.


Fuller will often only manage one client at a time, giving them her full attention day and night until they part ways.

Fuller has devised a series of mantras, collectively titled The Rules of Consumption, to engrain the correct mode of thought into her customers.

Fuller’s business owns a number of buildings, among them a small ‘ranch’ featuring an office, classroom, public reception and kitchen/dining area. She also owns a small warehouse that serves as a feeding and relax station for larger clientele, past and present.


Weight gain

Fuller doesn't actively desire to gain weight, but she can be convinced...