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Character tierlist

Every great creative knows that they put a part of themselves into everything they create. These characters are no different, but not all have been created equally, and not all hold the same standing they once did. Let’s dig into that.

S-tier: My fursonas

These characters are, in some form or fashion, basically me. These are the ones you’ll see in display pictures, in banners, on websites. The ones I commission art of the most. The ones that I use as self-representation and I am entirely comfortable being referred to as ‘being’. Essentially, my fursonas.

  • Emy: My third and current fursona.
  • Ash Altmann: My fourth and also current fursona (though still secondary to Emy).
  • Olive Ossory: My headmate’s current fursona.

A-tier: Proto-fursonas

These are characters that I still really vibe with, but just never quite made it to the top step. In another time they probably would have been fursonas, but in this one, they never quite got there. I still adore them though, and sometimes use them for self-representation purposes.

  • Kim G. Birdhorse: My most recent ponysona. Still somewhat frequently used for self-representation purposes, but a little bit of her own thing now.
  • Meredith: Corvids are cool. Still considering getting a fursuit (feathersuit?) of her.

B-tier: Fallen angels

These characters used to be in a higher tier, but have since come down. Whether because of changes due to storytelling needs or changes to me as a person, I just don’t vibe with them like I once did. They are now firmly just characters, and not really ‘me’ by any measure.

  • Alexander Grey: My second fursona. He still shares quite a lot of traits with me, but he’s really spun-off into his own character at this point.
  • Grey K. Birdhorse: My first ponysona and my main self-representation character for a short time, about mid-2012 to early-2014. Also pretty much a standalone character these days.
  • Tori Belliachi: My first fursona. Pretty much nothing like current day me, but that’s because I’ve changed, not because he has.

C-tier: Elementals

These characters are extrapolations of parts of myself. They may have particular personality traits or interests that are derived from me, but that’s about it.

  • ADA-229: My first foray into a robotic, synthetic identity, and my only character that is as explicitly politically-minded as I can be in real life.
  • Phalena: I’m really excited by space and the idea of space exploration, so I wanted a character built around that. Debatably could be D-tier.

D-tier: Narrative serfs

These ones are not me. They have never been me. They share little to nothing in common with me. They exist principally to serve a narrative purpose in the wider universe. (Sorry.)

  • Carter: Literally created so I could write scenarios that didn’t fit other characters.
  • Crow: A surreal, goofy bird creature. Fun, but not me.
  • Fuller Figures: Exists solely to fill a narrative need.
  • Novella: I wanted at least one character who was an unlikeable ass.