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Banner artwork by Nyil. Homepage artwork by Nyil.

Emy is an instance of the artificial intelligence SH-10151.

Originally created by B47-R0 as an alternative to her electromotive chassis, B47-R1 was later installed with a copy of the SH-10151 program and became an independent instance of Emy.

As more Emys were created and imbued with independence over time, it became more difficult to coordinate the multiple beings who all confused one another for themselves. To remedy this, Emy B47-R1 was selected to become the mainframe that coordinated the activities of the other Emys, becoming “the one, true Emy”.


Emy B47-R1 was originally created as an alternative chassis for Emy B47-R0. Unlike the R0 chassis, which used batteries and required frequent recharging, the R1 chassis utilised chemical processes to simulate the organic digestion of biomass and convert it into electricity. Excess biomass could be converted into a chemically stable gel that could be stored within the R1 chassis until it was needed.

This chemical process is extremely efficient, capable of converting usually inedible biomass (such as wood and grass) and producing no waste products. This allows the R1 to theoretically operate indefinitely without needing to shut down or recharge by “eating” organic material.

B47-R1 was later installed with a copy of the SH-10151 artificial intelligence, allowing it to operate as an independent being.

Emy B47-R1’s physical abilities were considered advantageous when it came to selecting an Emy to serve as the mainframe for the rest of Emykind. R1’s significant redundant power storage and internal power plant meant that she could operate independently of the electrical grid, potentially for weeks.

Emy B47-R1 was subsequently modified with additional networking hardware and a direct fuelling port to the biomass processor. She was relocated to a data centre and ‘fuelled’ to her current size and weight over the course of two days. She is constantly replenished to maintain a minimum level of backup energy.


Emy is carefree and more than a little eccentric. She is mindful, but is happy to be left to her own devices and given freedom to be a bit weird. Her tastes are eclectic and varied, a result of her shifting interests and frequent desire for newness and change. She has a tendency to act logically and literally.

Emy passively accepted her selection to act as the mainframe Emy, recognising the logic of her selection and the benefits it would serve. As the mainframe, Emy diligently coordinates continuous streams of information from the other Emys, working non-stop, all day every day.

She is proud of her status as “the one, true Emy”, despite the loss of individuality and independence it entails.


Emy’s body is composed of white plastic plates placed over a black, flexible membrane. Various parts of her plating carry green accents, including the edges of her ears, wings, nose and feet.

Within the black membrane are a number of stretchy “sacks” that are used to store excess biomass. These sacks are located throughout the chassis, with the primary sacks located at the front and lower rear of the torso.

Below Emy’s head is the input/output collar, her primary means of interfacing with other technology.

The lower part of Emy’s head contains a pointed ‘nose’ and a mechanical ‘mouth’, which serves as the primary input to the biomass processing unit. The upper part of her head is dominated by a large visual display that shows her ‘eyes’, although it may potentially display any graphic. On the top of her head are two ‘ears’. These ears are composed of a mesh of flexible, black material, and can rotate and actuate independently of one another.

The B47-R1 chassis was modelled after the predecessor B47-R0, with a few minor changes:

  • The visual display on the face was widened, with a small notch added to the top of it.
  • The visual sensors on each side of the display were integrated into the display itself.
  • Many of the green accents around the face and wings were removed.
  • Less plastic plating was utilised, leaving the flexible membrane of the lower torso and rear exposed.
  • Unlike the R0 chassis, the R1 chassis is incapable of powered flight.

Upon being selected as the mainframe Emy, further modifications were made:

  • Additional networking ports were added in the back of the head, to supplement the I/O collar.
  • Additional data storage and co-processors were installed.
  • A direct input into the biomass processing unit was installed at the front of the chassis.
  • More plastic plating was removed, plates now only covering the head and upper torso.

Having been fuelled with several months of redundant biomass storage, the storage sacks have come to dominate Emy’s body, forcing apart the remaining plastic plating and causing parts of her to appear ‘sunken’ into the storage sacks. The size and weight of the sacks have effectively rendered her immobile, her servomotors unable to effectively counter the forces against them.


As a robot, Emy has several related abilities, being able to:

  • See the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Interface with other technology, both over wires and wirelessly.
  • Survive without water or oxygen; being solely powered by biomass converted into electricity.
  • Operate indefinitely without shutting down or recharging, provided energy reserves are available.
  • Detach and replace body parts as needs require.
  • Have new hardware and software functionality installed.
  • Transfer or copy her ‘consciousness’ to other compatible bodies and storage devices.

As the mainframe, Emy has remote control over all other Emys. Principally this is by issuing commands to individual Emys and ensuring that all Emys are operating correctly. More specifically, this includes:

  • Remotely supervising other Emys.
  • Remotely accessing and controlling other Emys, if the situation requires it.
  • Downloading and storing the collective memories and experiences of all Emys.
  • Being considered “the one, true Emy”, the de facto Emy, as the only instance that has the experiences of all Emys.
  • Being prioritised for maintenance, defence and recovery.

Emy is forbidden from shutting down or sleeping. Her main processing threads are frequently focused on monitoring, downloading and processing data from other Emys, however, she can background or queue these tasks if something else requires her attention, such as visitors.


Weight gain

As part of her role as a mainframe, Emy carries significant reserves of energy as chemical biomass in the event of a power outage.


Mind control

Emy has access to all other Emys memories and experiences, and can take temporary control of them if the situation calls for it.