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Crow is an unconventional kenku bard.

Unlike most kenku, Crow is unable to speak fluently in any language. Rather, their speech is made up of a smattering of learned words and phrases, usually bizarre in nature and frequently making reference to anachronisms and concepts unheard of in this realm. Conversely, Crow is incredibly talented at the written word, capable of reading and writing extended and eloquent prose in several languages.

Unlike most bards, Crow does not play a musical instrument. Instead, their magic is focused through quills (plucked from their own plumage) and a mystical bottle of ink. By writing spells or drawing runes upon a surface, Crow is capable of performing magical feats.

Crow favours to use ranged conventional weapons, particularly hand crossbows.


Through circumstances unknown, Crow came to be abandoned as a young child. They were brought in and raised by the monks of a monastery of Deneir. The monks at the monastery were academically focused, concerned more with their work and research than social occassions. As such, Crow formed few personal relationships and was rarely exposed to more than snippets of overheard conversation.

When they came of age, and taking advantage of the kenku proficiency for mimickry and forgery, Crow was tasked with becoming a scribe—taking manuscripts and transcribing new copies of them for distribution.

Content to stay at the monastery, Crow was eventually persuaded to leave upon receipt of a letter from one of their few friends. Said friend had departed the monastery a couple of years prior and was now in unspecified trouble. Crow left the monastery and with only modest resources in tow, began to travel to the last known location of their troubled comrade.


Crow is an adopted name given by the monks, Crow’s actual name is unknown. Despite having been raised in a monastery, Crow is not particularly spiritual.

Having only recently left the monastery, Crow is not confident at combat or using weaponry. They favour ranged weaponry in an attempt to avoid direct conflict.

Crow is conscious of the racial stereotype that kenku are often thieves and ne’er-do-wells. They are constantly afraid of being painted by this same brush, and they make a conscious effort to not adhere to this stereotype.

Crow a strong proclivity towards collecting ‘shinies’; be they coins, gemstones, ores, or other shiny magical artefacts. Crow dislikes parting with ‘shinies’, but dislikes haggling or causing a fuss when making transactions and will usually just opt for the cheaper option.


Crow appears as a large, black corvid, with light grey beak, arms and legs. Consistent with kenku physiology, Crow does not have wings, instead having fairly standard clawed arms and hands.

Crow is usually seen carrying a brown satchel in which they store small weapons, crossbow bolts, ink, paper, and currency.