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Alexander Grey
slorg timeline

Banner artwork by Glaz. Homepage artwork by Glaz.

Alexander Amadeus Grey is a cybernetically-augmented long-tongued fruit bat. Having found an interest in both cybernetics and gaining weight since a very young age, he has had most of his internal organs enhanced or replaced, in part to facilitate his ability to gain weight and maintain his independence.

As an adult, he received an education in robotics and taught himself biology, chemistry and wider engineering. He took up self-employment as a cybernetics engineer to provide services to fellow cyborgs following the collapse of the mainstream cybernetics industry, and to enable himself to work from home.

After working at home for a few years, he had grown to about 2,200 pounds in weight but remained mobile thanks to his cybernetic aspects. This quickly changed, however, following the disastrous test of a new invention, which saw him rapidly outgrowing the planet and becoming the first ‘slorg’.


One of the inventions that Alex aimed to develop during his self-employment was a new digestive enzyme for use in cyborg digestive systems. Alex aimed to increase the efficiency and capabilities of such digestive systems, providing more options for sustenance and more immediate food-to-energy conversion.

Lacking test subjects, Alex ultimately chose to test the enzyme on himself. This decision proved disastrous. The enzyme was too effective, capable of instantaneous digestion of anything he ate. With a perpetually empty stomach and overcome by an insatiable appetite, Alex ate all of the food in his home and ordered a nearly continuous stream of delivery food, rapidly gaining weight to the point of being unable to move.

Contacting his fellow cyborg neighbour Glaz for assistance, Glaz instead delighted in Alex’s rapid weight gain. Wanting to experience the effects for himself, Glaz stole a vial of the digestive enzyme and took it, similarly losing control of his appetite and beginning to eat uncontrollably. They awoke together the next morning, having gorged the entire previous day. Despite this, they were still desperately hungry and unable to move and had started to drool and sweat uncontrollably.

However, their ‘sweat’ had a thick, viscous consistency that clung to their bodies and was tinted brown in appearance. Although foul-smelling, upon experimentation, they found that eating the slimy substance temporarily sated their appetites and made the hunger pains disappear, if just for a few seconds. Finding the substance immediately addicting, they each began desperately guzzling on one another’s slime.

The slime rapidly proved to be incredibly fattening. After an hour they were beginning to overflow the confines of Alex’s house. A few hours later they were smothering entire streets, the slime now a foot thick on their bodies. They continued to gain exponentially quickly, much of the planet either being smothered by their bodies or tidal waves of their slime within two days. They continued to grow exponentially in the following weeks and months, their existences sustained by the slime and their cybernetics, until finally expanding past the physical confines of the universe itself.

Alex remained cognizant throughout the process, but unable to resist the need to eat, he quickly justified that—as now effectively immortal cyborgs—this development could just represent a new stage of their existence: the genesis of the slorg.


Alex is a competent, if lazy, scientist, intellectual and cyborg.

Although initially cautious enough of his problematic scientific endeavours to call for help, Alex very rapidly succumbed to addiction and a desire to continue endlessly eating and growing.

Although he remained conscious of what was happening, he stopped paying attention to the consequences and justified the destruction of other sentient life as necessary sacrifices to enable the creation of this “new life”.


Alex is a long-tongued fruit bat (Macroglossus sobrinus) with a light grey-brown fur colouration and medium-length blue-black hair.

Although a cyborg, Alex opted that most of his components be non-visible. His most prominent cyborg accessory is a large pair of computer goggles which are (seemingly) permanently affixed to his head and serve as a means of visual feedback, corrective lenses, and for eye protection whilst working.

Soon after he consumed the new digestive enzyme, Alex underwent several physical changes. Most prominent among these is his rapid and exponentially increasing weight gain, which took him from weighing a ‘mere’ ton to larger than the solar system in less than a week. Consequentially, he lost much of his physical definition, becoming an almost amorphous blob of fat in short order.

His entire body became coated in thick, brown-tinted slime, produced by his own physiology. This slime is foul-smelling and foul-tasting, but has the unusual quality of being instantly addicting and incredibly fattening to any slorg that eats it.


Alex has a range of physical and technological capabilities, some of which only became apparent following his becoming a slorg.

  • Wholly efficient, instantaneous digestion. Powered by his experimental digestive enzyme, Alex can consume any kind of matter in vast quantities, all of which will immediately be converted into fat.
  • A reduced need for oxygen.
  • A direct connection to communications. Alex can browse the web, make and receive phone calls, intercept radio signals, and perform many computational tasks on his goggles.
  • An expansive memory, able to retain and recall vast amounts of information.
  • Accelerated processing power, allowing him to mentally perform complex calculations and play out multiple hypothetical scenarios.
  • A mental connection to technology. Being able to control his own components and compatible external technology through thought alone.
  • The ability to produce ‘slime’—a foul-smelling, foul-tasting slime excreted from the body of a slorg. It provides all nutrients and minerals required to feed a slorg. It is instantly addicting and incredibly fattening. It is theorised that the fatter the slorg, the more fattening the slime they produce.


Weight gain

As a slorg, Alex has an uncontrollable appetite and will eat at every opportunity.



Yes, every opportunity.



Slorg are, by definition, huge slobs.



Does being larger than the universe count as macro?



Alex's augmented biology is incompatible with transformation.